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    User::Leave doesn't work as expected and can leak memory

    Take a look at following function:

    void leaksL(TInt arg) {
    Foo foo(1000);

    // do some thing here

    if (on_some_condition) {

    // some code here;

    Now if someone calls leaksL() method, and if it leaves, what I have noticed is the destructor for object "foo" doesn NOT get called.

    In C++ or Java when an exception is raised its is gauranteed that all the variables that are on the stack (local or auto variables) wil be cleaned up and their destructors be called.

    Symbian C++ claims that User::Leave behaves like C++ or Java exceptions. But in fact it doesnt work as expected.

    Any help or comments are welcome. I am sure this is pretty basic behaviour to expect. Is this a bug. I am using Series 60 SDK v1.2


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    Re: User::Leave doesn't work as expected and can leak memory

    That is correct. Symbian leaves and C++ exceptions are different beasts.
    However, note that you should stick to conventions. Check C, R, T, etc. classes, its constraints, and then see how it fits in your Foo class example.


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