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    DirectGraphics.drawImage and 3410

    Hi Folks!
    I'm writting a Game for the 6310i/3410 family. I've used DirectGraphics.drawImage to draw my sprites, and I've used the manipulation attributes with FLIP_HORIZONTAL so that my character could go right and left.
    I was supprised to see that it has bugged effect on the 6310i emulator and that it works on the real target device. But I was puzzled when my beta 3410 phones shut down when I used the FLIP_HORIZONTAL!

    Will the final 3410 handle those manipulations ? (FLIP_HORIZONTAL, etc.)

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    RE: DirectGraphics.drawImage and 3410


    I have the smae problem on the 6310i emulator, is there a way to fix this ? The FLIP_HORIZONTAL flip the data at the correct place, bu I have some white lines in my resulting picture !

    For the moment I dont have yet a phone to test this on !


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