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    S60 and Certificate Manager -- Completely broken? Self-Signed CA certs for email.

    I have never been able to successfully load a self-signed CA certificate into a S60 device.

    The same CA cert will load fine on a 9500.

    The 6600 and N90 in front of me cannot. The N90 appears to start -- it looks like it makes an attempt, it flashes briefly the Certificate Manager application and then it either crashes or is killed.

    So whats the deal?

    Try to load the certificates at:




    If you're interested. I want to use secure email and IM service on S60 without having to constantly tell the handset that yes, I know this is an untrusted certificate, and yes, it really is okay.

    I am not using operator-branded or locked handsets, these are stock OEM devices from Nokia.
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