We are looking for list of languages supported by each of the Java phones.

We would appreciate if device specification of Java phones would include unicode characters supported in different language versions of Java supporting Nokia phones.

Here is the rationale:
Java phones are used worldwide and application developers are developing applications worldwide. Java supports Unicode but not all phones support all languages.

We have built a j2meEndToEndSecurity system which enables wireless operators to find out which applications would work properly on which devices. One of the reason we have identified is language mismatch between the application and the mobile device. Our security system reads an application and determines languages it is using, to map it against device specifications. However at current time the device specifications do not give the language supported by a device.

For J2ME to reach its potential this issue needs to be resolved. We appreciate your understanding to the problem.

With best regards

Sanjay Chadha
CTO, S5 Systems (http://www.s5systems.com)