In 'normal' screen size, we can display information
in either app.body or app.title.
There is still empty space just below the title, which I think
of it as a 'status bar'.
So, here's the code to display text in that bar
(you need fgimage module from here)
from graphics import *
import fgimage

bar =,13))
bgcolor = screenshot().getpixel((0,0))[0]
fg = fgimage.FGImage()

def status_on(message=None):
    if message is not None:
        bar.text((0,11), unicode(message), 0xffffff)
    fg.set(57,30, bar._bitmapapi())

def status_off():
You can see a sceeenshot.
>>> status_on('Hello world, how are you?')