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    Question 6270 sync problems

    I'm trying to sync my 6270 (series 40) to a remote server, but the the phone refuses to sync, telling me' Data transfer not possible. Control data connections.' The GPRS setup works fine and I know from trying with a 6230, that the OTA i received from the server works fine, too. Can anybody help me?

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    Re: 6270 sync problems

    Any progress? I'm having similar trouble with www.zyb.om and http://www.gcalsync.com/ also. I'm getting this error message "Data transfer not possible. Check data connection." Opera mini works ok, also other apps i've been trying (Google Mobile Maps) http://www.google.com/gmm/ work. Zyb has instructions to manually setup sync configuration but this also gives the same results.

    (From Zyb) How to set up your Nokia 6270

    1. Go to Menu, then Settings
    2. Go to Configuration
    3. Select Personal configuration settings
    4. Press Options, then select Add new
    5. Select Synchronisation
    6. Account name: ZYB
    7. Server address: http://sync.zyb.com/
    8. User name: XXXXX
    9. Password: your ZYB password
    10. Select Contacts database
    11. Database address: contacts
    12. Go back, select Calendar database
    13. Data base address: calendar
    14. Notes database: Leave empty
    15. Use preferred access pt.: YES (please make sure you have a working internet connection, if you're in doubt, please contact your telephone company)
    16. Select Default configuration settings and choose your new ZYB profile as default
    17. Go back to Settings, select %Connectivity, then Data Transfer
    18. Select Server synchronisation and press %YES when asked to synchronise with the Zyb sync server

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