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    Embedding phone numbers in text

    Hi there. Excuse the novice question but does anyone know of a way of 'embedding' a phone number in a text so that it can be called by simply pressing a single button on the handset? Is this possible using smart messaging? How would such a text look when sent to a handset that didn't support smart messaging?

    Failing this, how do Nokia (and other) handsets cope with phone numbers in texts anyway? I believe some automatically detect them and allow them to be selected and called. Is this behaviour documented anywhere for a typical range of current handsets?

    Note that the number to be called will be different from the number the text has come from.

    If you have any answers or can point me in the direction of any documentation I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks,

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    RE: Embedding phone numbers in text

    Almost any Nokia phone today has the "use number" option when viewing a texi message. After selecting this option, any numbers associated with the message are offered to choose from. This includes the senders number, and any numbers that appear in the message. When chosen, the user can then *call* the number, and in the case of most phones, save the number.

    There were some phone models which allowed the user to press the green phone button when there was a number on the screen (like when viewing a message), and a call to that number would start, but I think that is not the case for most phones now.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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