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    I have recently bought a NOKIA 6600!
    1>>I have been trying hard since last one week to use the nokia PC suite ver (which i have got in the installation cd) along with IVT Bluesoleil release 050606 USB dongle.
    But i am having a real tough time using both together.I am easily able to transfer files to my phone using the IVT's software directly, but when i use the nokia PC suite it just refuses to detect my phone(always shows disconnected).I have been able to actually transfer files thru pc suite just thrice till now, most of the times the attempt fails.

    2>>does anyone know the reason for this , i have heard that the above two versions of the dongle and pc suite are not compatible with each other.
    is it true? if yes can anyone suggest some way out

    3>and also besides ultra mp3 is there ne good software for playing mp3's in 6600? does ne one know how to get license key ?bcoz mine has expired!

    any suggestions and help will be appreciated!!!

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    When the PC Suite for the 6600 was created a few years ago, the IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth hardware & drivers did not exist. The 6600 version of PC Suite, if my memory serves me right, only supports DigiAnswer/Socket and Widcomm Bluetooth drivers.

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