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    unresolved external symbol


    I've tried to use class CPAlbImageViewerBasic to display jpg picture.
    I've read a lot of articles in this forum about it. I know I need append to my mmp-file row "LIBRARY Palbview.lib", but still I have problems with it.

    CPAlbImageViewerBasic* iiViewer = CPAlbImageViewerBasic::NewL(this, Rect());
    . . .

    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall CPAlbImageViewerBasic:: ...

    I use VS2003 + Carbide. If I change the mmp-file, VS show error and ask me "this file (mmp) has been modified outside of the source editor. Do you want to reload it?"

    If I confirm Yes, the row LIBRARY ... is marked as a comment (like // LIBRARY...)

    I really don't know how this problem solve.

    I will be very happy for some tips.
    (sorry for my english)


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    Re: unresolved external symbol

    In Visual Studio go to menu: Project->Carbide.vs Properties, uncheck "update mmp file" and try again (by hand) add library (to mmp file) and recompile the project.

    Another solution would be:
    - switch to Deb_something build
    - go to menu: Project-><Project name> properties (last option on this menu)
    - in new dialog box on left side click on: Linker, then Input
    - on the right side you will have: "Additional Dependencies", and list of libraries. Just add there your library, close the dialog box
    - go to: Solution Explorer, left click on your mmp file and update it.

    One of those should work.


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    Re: unresolved external symbol


    second solution works


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