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    Some basic questions

    Hello there,
    Apparently I'm quite new to mobile development. Before jumping into assumptions, I need some advise from you guys. I have a project idea and I'm trying to see how feasible it really is. To implement it, I need the following.

    1) The mobile should be able to make a webservice (running on a server) call over a secure channel.

    2) I prefer to do it in java (J2ME).

    3) Server-to-mobile connection should be over bluetooth

    4) I went thru some documents/sites. I came across a few articles discussing about bluetooth, webservices etc etc. But I did not quite get the whole picture. How does the webservice connection gets over to the PC ? Does TCP/IP comes to picture ? My requirement is : as soon as the mobile gets near the server, it should automatically get connected to the server and should be ready to make webservice calls. Is it possible ? or Is it multi-stage connectivity ?

    5) What is the security aspect of the scenario above ? Can I use standard PKI certificate mechanism ?

    6) What SDK's should I "buy" ? are there any licensing issues involved ?

    7) Are the above things possible ? If yes

    8) I need to buy a nokia handset for development. Which model do you recommend ??

    thanks for your time

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    Re: Some basic questions

    1) HTTPS should work.

    2) Shouldn't be a problem.

    3) Can be done, too.

    4) Bluetooth comms can be over sockets (TCP/IP), OBEX, ... (J2ME might limit your options vs. what you could do in C++ on Symbian OS based devices)

    5) Bluetooth comms is fairly secure & if you do HTTPS/SSL over it, it is even more so, I should think.

    6) The phone-side SDKs are free downloads from http://forum.nokia.com/ Which one to pick depends on J2ME vs. C++ vs. IDE (Carbide, CodeWarrior, MS, Sun WTK, ...).

    7) Pretty well, yes.

    8) I'd get a relatively recent S60 device (like the N70, http://forum.nokia.com/n70), and perhaps also one S40 device like the 6270 (http://forum.nokia.com/6270), if you do a J2ME implementation. The real problem is that if you deploy on many different devices, you should test all of them (and for wider compatibility, develop with a bit older devices, like the 6600 and 6230, for example).

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