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    Question How To Develope Vibration on MIDP1.0 supported device

    Hi guys,
    I have stucked while bulding an application in which there is support of vibration.But i'm not able to build the game in the devices supported by MID1.0 .Can it be possible to build vibration support on such devices,if so can i get some idea regarding this or any resources like site/book/anyone's reference code.
    I heard that it is possible using Nokia UI .But i don't know the API's .Where did i get them if it is possible.

    Kindly Plz Reply to this issue or on sachinwarang@hotmail.com .


    Sachin Warang.

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    Re: How To Develope Vibration on MIDP1.0 supported device

    Hi Sachin,

    juarezjunior have already given a reply here. So I guess its better to continue this thread (if necessary!) in this link.

    Also I would like to mention that please dont make multiple posts in same regard. That may confuse other users who might be searching for some info at a later time.


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