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    CSendAs / SMS Sending

    quick question, has ANYONE out there got either CSendAs to construct, OR an SMS message to completely send at all on the Series 60,...?? I've looked at all the articles on this site, and on the Symbian devnet, i've tried different combinations of trying to use CSendAs to construct and send the SMS, but all I get is exceptions thrown...

    I managed to get SMS sending working on a Quartz SDK, but when I tried to send the SMS properly (and actually send) after that, the emulator kept crashing on me... (although this may have something to do with the completely unfathomable emulator comms setup..)

    This code was using the console, with a hard coded SMS, as opposed to a 'full UI - Interactive SMS sending app'.

    I've tried using this same hard coded / console based SMS send in the Series 60, and guess what, all I get is an excpetion when it tries to construct the CSendAs object.

    Also, I've seen an article saying that you have to pull in header files from the 9200 SDK, (which to me sounds dodgy anyway..), is a hack like this really necessary to get the Series 60 SMS send working..??

    hope someone out there can either give me some guidance...



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    RE: CSendAs / SMS Sending

    I had the same problem with e-mail sending. My app crushes with SystemError message on CSendAs object creating. But on my phone it works normally. I think, it is problems with Symbian's emulator. If it is possible, try to test your app on real device.

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