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    Wrong make.exe for "ordinary" c/c++ files after installing carbide


    I've installed the carbide.c++ plugin to eclipse, but when I try build projects as I did before I installed carbide.c++, it uses the c:\symbian\whatever\make.exe...

    How do I change this back so it uses c:\cygwin\bin\make.exe for "ordinary" c/c++ and the c:\symbian\whatever\make.exe for symbian os projects?
    (this includes g++ also)...



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    Re: Wrong make.exe for "ordinary" c/c++ files after installing carbide

    It is using the make that is in your default devices.xml (e..g type 'devices' at a command prompt, look for the 'default' device). Not sure why you say this is the wrong make? What's the problem?


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    Re: Wrong make.exe for "ordinary" c/c++ files after installing carbide

    I think this is to do with your path. CHeck your path and make sure whichever make you want to use comes first in the path. For example, normally when you install the S60 SDK, C:\program files\common files\symbian\tools get added to the path and there is a make.exe in here for Symbian builds. If you want to use make.exe from cygwin for your non symbian c/c++ development, make sure the cygwin path comes before the Symbian tools path.


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