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    [announce] vibra.pyd and music.pyd modules

    hello ,

    Korakot showed me this and I found two little new modules made in IAP Class in MIT !
    music.pyd (I'd prefer name it tone.pyd or beep.pyd!) and vibra.pyd (extracted from miso module !)

    You can use it like this:
    import music
    import vibra

    Download source code and sis file plus ball.py with sound and vibra : http://csg.csail.mit.edu/IAP06/pyext.zip
    Hey Korakot , now you can use what you have found on mapping freq and note midi http://www.borg.com/~jglatt/tutr/notefreq.htm ;-)

    when I try it I don't hear sound and music.tone(440,25) returns 1 value (Is it error or True value ?) Is anyone can recompile it or modify it (with missing volume argument) and share it with us ?
    I don't understand why you can use the third argument for setting volume of the beep ? I see an example with ball_tone2.py !

    Do anyone know how to use vibra on not Second edition FP2 ?
    In doc I read this :
    Runs the vibra motor for the specified duration of time
    at the specified intensity. The duration is specified
    in milliseconds, and must be greater than zero.
    The intensity is a value between -100 and 100 (inclusive),
    and it specifies percentage of full rotation speed.
    Positive and negative values cause rotation in opposite directions;
    a zero value indicates no rotation, and thus it makes little
    sense to call this function with 0 intensity argument.
    Vibration will not work unless enabled in the profile.
    Only supported on Series 60 2nd Ed FP2 and higher
    Last edited by cyke64; 2006-03-07 at 18:22. Reason: I try it and it fails !

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    Question Re: [announce] vibra.pyd and music.pyd modules

    could you get it to work yet? I tried and got the same '1' as response in the interactive shell!

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    Re: [announce] vibra.pyd and music.pyd modules

    I cannot install it on E90....

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    Re: [announce] vibra.pyd and music.pyd modules

    I gave up on music.pyd. It is somehow frustrating that people posted that module on wikis and forums without making it work. Well, someday when I know C++....

    Another solution by korakot worked for me, the one mentioned here:


    Just install smidi.py as a library on your phone's C: drive, then try
    the 'play([(34,192)])' command in your interactive shell. It works fine....

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