I've developed an combination of Windows executable and PHP scripts that process recieved text messages on my D211 (it's installed in a PCI-PCMCIA adaptor in a server) and automatically sends out responces.

Which is all well and good, but for the time being I'm just using a (UK) Pay As You Go plan.

On a mobile phone, to find out the balance, I would key in *#10* and the network operator would send a message (although I don't think this is a SMS) back with the ammount.

Is there anyway to do this on the D211 using just the Nokia software that comes with it?

I'll admit that my above executable and scripts don't interface with the modem via AT commands - but instead takes apart recsms.sms and sends them in a very ropey way indeed ! But anyway - just to say that I'd mucho prefer to find a normal way of doing it than delving deep down into it!

Hope someone can get back to me, and that this is the right forum!