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    End of Series 90?


    I just want to verify that Series 90 stuff has been discontinued, and that the 7710 will not have any future upgrades...

    Sheesh... Just when I find something that fits what I need...

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    Re: End of Series 90?

    The Series 80 Developer Platform and the Nokia 7710 device both have their own characteristics and hardware requirements. However, since the two platforms share the same code base, they are compatible at a binary level and share many common qualities. The Nokia 7710 and Series 80 have in fact mostly the same software, but a different look and feel and a different set of system applications. Series 80 has a ”Communicator” look and feel and the Nokia 7710 has a “media device” look and feel. Developers may therefore wish to create applications and software that can be used on either type of device.

    Furthermore, it was decided that the Series 90 Developer Platform will migrate into the Series 60 Developer Platform, and, in the future, media devices (from the Nokia 7710 onwards) and the Series 90 type of form factor will be based on the Series 60 Scalable UI. Because there were no plans for an extensive series of devices compatible with Series 90 Developer Platform 2.0, nor long term plans based on the current Series 90 base software, Nokia decided not to claim and market it as a “Developer Platform,” but rather as a device to develop and sell applications to.


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