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    Post Nokia6111 'Cut and Paste' feature


    I am N6600 user, but by this week I've plan to buy N6111 series, before I buy it I have some question about N6111 feature, i hope can find the question here. My questions are,
    1. Is N6111 support 'cut and paste' feature(can cut the text or data and then paste it again) like N6600?
    2. Is the O.S system N6111 same with N6600? Or same with N7370?
    3. It is impossible to transfer data (contact) from N6600 to N6111 or other series Nokia phone?
    4. And last for the N6111 user does anyone ever met some problem with N6111?

    Please let me know about those question.



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    Smile Re: Nokia6111 'Cut and Paste' feature

    1. Well, just get the manual from Nokia site maybe? I've the explanation with my N6630 user guide .
    2. I don't see that N6111 has an OS. Nokia 6111 vs Nokia 6600
    3. Take a look from its manual
    4. User opinions and reviews
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