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    How to communicate between threads in SDK3.0

    in SDK3.0,the RThread class does not have Raiseexception function ,can anyone tell me how to raise exception in SDK3.0?

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    Re: How to communicate between threads in SDK3.0

    Raising an exception in another thread as a communication method is a non-standard way for inter-thread communication.

    Use the more standard way of communicating between threads by using a semaphore and shared memory.

    You can also do inter-thread communication using the Symbian Client/Server framework.

    These techniques are described in the SDK examples.

    Hope this helps :-)
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    Re: How to communicate between threads in SDK3.0

    You are only allowed to raise an exception in the thread that is executing.

    You can do this via User::RaiseException.

    Arbitrarily crashing threads across processes is no longer allowed as it is viewed as a security issue.

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