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    Making sis file error

    Hello, All
    I use carbide C++ the first time.
    When I make the sis file, it show me as follow:

    'Building file: sis/Test.pkg'
    'Invoking: CreateSis (Installation File Generator)'
    createsis create -pass DefaultPassword "sis/Test.pkg" E:/S60/Test/sis/Test.sis
    Processing sis/Test.pkg...
    sis/Test.pkg(21) : error: file I/O fault.
    ERROR! Failed at makesis "sis/Test.pkg"
    make: *** [E:/S60/Test/sis/Test.sis] Error 1
    make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.
    Build complete for project Test

    What problem is it?
    Help me , thank you.

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    Re: Making sis file error

    It means that there is an error on line 21 in the .pkg file, most likely the file being referenced as the source file on that line does not exist. For more information on the contents of a .pkg file, see the SDK documentation for the relevant SDK.

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