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    Read SMS through AT command in 6020


    I am trying to read New/Unread message using AT command through HyperTerminal...

    I tried to use this command [AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD"]

    Message return is "OK". There is one UnRead SMS in the phone...!

    1. Why it didn't return the message?

    But, if i use the command [AT+CMGL="REC READ"] then it work fine by returning all the message.

    2. If i run this command through MSCOMM in VB6.0, an Run-time error '8020' Error Reading Comm Device". Anyone know the reasons?

    The phone model i use is Nokia 6020 connected to PC through Infrared.


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    Re: Read SMS through AT command in 6020

    my self tirup i am working on project to send and receive SMS through Nokia phone
    i am also having the same problem that u mention but my nokia 3120 work with VB prog code which i have developed using sdk. but i cant able to read sms through hyper terminal because it always show me that my sim memory is empty and when i received new messafe it directly goes in to inbox folder so if u can help and send me the steps to read the message from phone on my mail address patel.tirup@gmail.com.
    thank you

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    Re: Read SMS through AT command in 6020

    To read a sms from the mobile, you need to change the memory storage place using the following command firstly.

    AT+CPMS="ME" --to change the memory storage place into mobile instead sim

    The following command will list all the unread messages.
    AT+CMGL="REC UNREAD" --to get all unread messages

    The following command will list all the read messages.
    AT+CMGL="REC READ" --to get all read messages.

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