I've installed NMIT 4.1 and had some problems with decent JRE's. I used previously Sun JRE 1.5 and NMIT didn't work out properly. Although, problems got solved when installed JDK 1.4.2_11 and began to start NMIT with earlier JDK. Thought that the battle with these tools were won and could concentrate on services' development. But no..

1) Still, some problems did stay with NMIT's MMS-properties; if I start NMIT with JDK 1.4 and try to open NMIT's MMS-messaging samples ("MarketUpdate" and "WorldCup", both with and without SMIL), the editor does not open these examples. The NMIT GUI shows only "Loading from stream.." message at the bottom of NMIT's window and nothing else happens ie. the message's "source" does not open for viewing/editing. Paranoid or not; if I launch the NMIT with the newer JDK 1.5, the MMS messages are opened for viewing, but then editing own WML, XHTML, MMS content does not work.....

2) On the other hand; (NMIT launched w/JDK 1.4) if I create any own MMS-message with NMIT's tools (New.. MMS Message or MMS Wizard), I can really create a new MMS-message, add new content (text, images, etc), but then two major problems occur. Firstly; the PUSH-operation does make no result ie. the message isn't being sent to the phone emulator. The same goes when using any installed emulators. Secondly; saving own MMS-messages does not work; selecting Save.. show the file selection dialog, but no file is really saved.

Eventually, these problems prevent doing any MMS, SMIL etc. development and thus makes the tool really handicapped.

As mentioned earlier, I use NMIT version 4.1, JDK version 1.4.2_11 and Nokia Mobile Browser version 4.0 and Series 40 SDK 3rd Edition-emulators.

Anyone got any clue 'bout these problems? Wrong versions of tools or JDK? Any settings to check? Tool's launchin options to set? Firewall?

I'm getting really frustrated with these problems, planning to get rid of Nokia's tools and changing onto using other vendors' tools.

thnx in adv.