UIQ has today released their support package for Carbide.vs 2.0.1 that enables Carbide.vs users to develop UIQ applications.

Some details:
- Supports UIQ 3 and UIQ 2.1. The 2.1 SDK support enables existing projects to be imported but no templates are supplied. For UIQ 3 there is a good selection of various kinds of templates.

- If you have already installed 2.0.1 from Forum Nokia you only need the separate support package; you do NOT need to download and install Carbide from the UIQ site, it is the same software as you already have.

- NDS and Carbide.vs 2.0 are not supported by the UIQ package.

- For support for any UIQ related matters, you need to go to the UIQ developer site, Forum Nokia will not provide support for UIQ related questions for Carbide.vs.

- To download, go to http://developer.uiq.com/devtools_tools.html, you need to be a registered UIQ developer to download. For UIQ 3, a new Beta 3 was also released, only that version is supported, earlier SDks are not so you need to download the new UIQ SDK as well.