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    how to retrieve MEMORY CARD messages in 6260 ?


    what is the AT Command that let the mobile displays the MEMORY CARD messages , i am using a nokia 6260 , windows XP-SP2 , and virtual serial port through bluetooth ,

    i am trying to retrieve messages through java , and java.comm.* and jSMSEngine packages.
    even on Windows' HyperTerminal , it didn't work.

    i try this
    here the hyper terminal lists the messages of the SIM and that's not what i am seeking for , since nokia 6260 saves each new message to the MEMORY CARD.

    when i try this to change memory in use , the reply was ..
    +CPMS: ("SM"),("SM"),("MT")
    >AT+CPMS="SM","SM" // HERE IT WORKS ?!?!
    +CPMS: 3,30,3,30,3,30


    the question is , how i can retrieve or "read" messages that have been saved to phone memory , or alternatively , how i can tell the phone to directly forward the sms to the PC when it arrives , and how i can get it on the PC ?

    Can anyone help ??

    please help me out , i am a senior IT Student, this is part of my graduation project.

    thanx in advance

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