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    Compact Business Card format

    I found out that you can send a business card to a 9210 communicator via SMS simply by sending "Business card\nFirstname Lastname\n ..." text as SMS
    Is this format called Compact Business card?
    Where can i get the specifications for it?

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    RE: Compact Business Card format

    Compact Business Card is a business card containing typical contact information can be transmitted over the air interface using compact business card format. Implementation of the service depends on the handset?s capabilities. Where a legacy handset only shows the business card as a text message, high-end handset can extract the name and the number present in the business card and store them into the phone memory. With a smart phone the whole business card can be stored in the contacts directory.

    I'll recommed you to use vCard type of business cards. Compact business cards were used at Nokia 9000-serie Communicatiors. vCard specifications can be found from www.forum.nokia.com

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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