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    73XX Design strategy ?

    Just wanted to voice some of thoughts about some strange design from Nokia.

    Issuing a designed, hip phone set is one wise move for sure : lots of customers are tired of those re-used, cold & severe designed phone, and want some kind of 'fun' and 'style'.

    But also from a customer view, why such limited offer with such full-packed phones ???? 3G, streaming, mp3, and cam with ONLY 4MB, and 13MB onboard memory for the 7360 and 7370 respectively !!!

    Awful, when even the simplest Samsung phone have 64Mb on-board !!!

    Are Nokia trying to drive their custumers nuts ??? In the days of MEDIA, where phones are becoming one ALL-IN-THE-BOX thing, i think it's just a stupid choice, and serves no goal except loosing some Market shares !

    And things like BlackBerry's and coming UMPC from Microsoft will only increase that ...


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    Re: 73XX Design strategy ?

    Thanks for sharing, I'll pass this on to the proper business team.


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    Re: 73XX Design strategy ?


    My question is why several WEB pages shows video streaming feature for Nokia 7360, when this phone miss this function?

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