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    Display, modify and save image


    I'm trying to write app, which can
    1. load an image (such as jpg)
    2. display this image on the screen
    3. modify the image - bitmap (low level, operations such as filters)
    4. display image ...
    5. ...

    What is the easiest way? What classes I should use?

    I tried class CPAlbImageViewerBasic, which can open and display image.
    It's great to rotate, scroll, zoom image.
    But it can return only visible part of bitmap.
    I need the whole of bitmap.
    Also I didn't find way to give a bitmap to be displayed by this class.

    So I need to get bitmap from a file (jpg).
    This bitmap I want to modify and display.
    (Also scroll and zoom...)
    At the end save into jpg file.

    What classes and function do you recommend?

    Thanks a lot for response

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    Re: Display, modify and save image

    I would recommend CImageDecoder to read image (like JPEG) and CImageEncoder to write image.


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