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    Unhappy 7710 and IGB MMC card - help!

    I'm a newbie here so please be patient with me! I am using a 7710 and have been told that the 7710 will support a 1GB MMC card. The person who told me this claims to be using one in his 7710. I notice in the 7710 specs that the 7710 only supports upto 512MB MMC. I have tried a new 1GB in my 7710 but it doesnot detect the card (strangely it also doesnot detect the 128MB card supplied with it in the box). I have noticed other threads mentioning 'different voltage MMC cards'. Should it automatically detect a card (formatted or not). Any ideas?

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    Wink Re: 7710 and IGB MMC card - help!

    1. Maybe u've a corrupted MMC. Try to browse it using "7tools partition manager" (windows). Put ur MMC in card reader and run 7tools. If u see a red sign in ur MMC drive with 7tools, then u've a corrupted MMC. U've to delete them all, create a new partition, format it, make it active. After that, put ur MMC in ur phone and format it again.
    2. Try to boot ur phone with Safe Mode (hold the pen/pencil key while booting)
    3. Try to uninstall latest apps installed 1by1
    4. Format ur phone/MMC
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