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    using nokia pop port

    I am not a developer. I am more interested in the hardware side of mobile technology.
    All i am looking for is a java app for s40 devices with pop port, that will allow audio from a handsfree devce to be directly played throught the handset's speaker and vice verca.

    to clarify, when you talk through the handsfree device it can be heard through the phones earpiece. and when you talk into the phone's mic, that audio can be heard through the earpiece in the handsfree device. basicly giving you an intercom type system.

    could anyone direct me to such an application, or write one for me?
    if not just a code example would be very usefull.

    thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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    Re: using nokia pop port


    I've never heard of such application before but I happen to have the Pop-port pinout as well as an interesting HOW-TO article.



    I'd be glad to hear about such an application, though.

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    Re: using nokia pop port

    thanks for that, but i have seen them both before and thats not really what im looking for. someone must know of a way to do what im asking.

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