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    Question first time developing for company 6310i 's

    I just developed a web service (in flash and html) for the company i work for and then applied it to wap. It works. however formatting it has been a right pain. it appears the 1.2.1 browser does not support tables...(?)

    I have had to suffer my lovely XML formatted with XSLT via PHP as a mess.

    Basically I have a live feed of changing diary events that are updated every 1 minute or so. The output then is taking xml and processing it in xslt but without tables looks bad / unreadable. I am unable to get <br /> to work either as the phones crash.

    Is there anyone that can point me to a resource for this phone? ( i had one myself a few YEARS AGO lol.. .- never made wap pages for it though)

    Anyone know how to get a <br /> tag to work right. It works ok when included in a different wml file. But when passed from the xslt processor, it passes as <br> and the wml (xml) hates that. wrapping up in <br></br> does not work either.

    I am a bit miffed as people have started using it as is and in that rush to get it working has left it looking bad. I have already recommended upgrades to the phones, but would dearly like to get it to work right on the ones they have already got.

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    Wink Re: first time developing for company 6310i 's

    OK... solved.. Don't worry yourselves over this...


    As WML is XML (and must be properly adhered to well formed XML) the output type for the
    has got to be XML and not HTML -as i put. I can put now put in a <br /> (or whatever supported tags) and it is not altered to a <br> (as html would like..but xml correctly states as malformed!!)

    I am happy, my workforce still consider me to be a genius, I can still command high pay.. yay.

    (i still think they should upgrade the phones though...)

    I hope this helps someone else... Post here if it does.

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