Does anyone know of any third pary software that allows you to set up new WAP connections? I am on the O2 Online tariff which includes 500 free minutes of GSM WAP each month. Unfortunately, to use these I must create a new access point and enter these settings:

Dial-up number: 915000 (+447712927927 when abroad)
Data Mode: ISDN
Default Homepage:
Port: 9201
Security: Off
IP Address:
Linger time: 120 seconds
Username: o2wap
Password: password

If anyone has a Nokia 6680 and has tried to do this they will find that it is impossible to enter these settings. Does anyone know of any software that will allow you to create a new access point using these settings? Im sure there must be loads of people in the same position as me who have 500 free minutes of WAP being completely wasted each month. I bet there are thousands of people who have just upgraded their handsets and haven't even noticed yet.