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    using a database ?

    i've built a bilingual application in which you can switch from language to another using a command added to the menu,
    now .. i want to use a flag in which the last language used will be the same one used the next time the appliation is lunched ..????

    i know i need to add a flag to a database or sth .. in which before closing the application i'll save the flag of the used language and the next time when i lunch the application it should use the flag i saved last time ..???

    i never used Mobile DataBase .. can u guide me how to do such a thing ?

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    Re: using a database ?

    Using .ini file is good enough

    First reload the CAknApplication::OpenIniFileLC() like this:

    and then use these functions to read and write:

    Search "ini file" and "OpenIniFileLC" to find more materials.

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