We have a verisign code signing certificate, works well on MOST devices we have run into until now.

On the Nokia Series 40 6101 With TMobile and 5.99 TZones, our midlet cannot access the internet. Now before I get a barrage of useless comments about TZones and the blocking of port 80 I'd like to point out that I am aware of TMobiles behaviours with different Devices and http connections, i.e. midlet works on a branded unlocked Nokia 6010 from TMobile using sim card but does not work on branded locked Nokia 6101 using same sim card.

on the 6101, their is a setting if your application is selected, under application->options stating "App. Access" but it is greyed out, when you click it, you get an info message "Not available for this application". I tried signing the application with the Verisign cert, but when trying to download, i get an error "certificate not on phone or sim"

i read through the forums, that this may be caused by lack of CA certificate on device, for instance device lists "Verisign class 3 code signing 2001 CA" as being installed, where the intermediate in our certificate is "Verisign class 3 code signing 2004 CA". So this might be an issue, I tried manually installing the CA certs, but cannot get the devices browser to download them (might be IIS, even though I set the correct mime type) so this failed.

i read through the forums, that you may be able to overcome the "app. access" feature being greyed out, by manually installing the application using infrared and pc suite, installation worked, but still have same issue of "app. access" being disabled. so i manually copied the jar and jad over using infrared, the jad file is not a recognized file type on device, so is useless to try and run/install it (BTW also tried this approach with CA certs, with same results) but you can install the jar, though after install, app. access is still disabled

when you run the application, and it attempts to connect to internet, the system throws an info message of "Application access set to not allowed". In the Nokia manual for this device, they state that "app. access" needs to be set or modified for an application to access the internet, but what is the use, if the user is not allowed to change it. Thus basically in the devices current state, a java app will run, but never be allowed to access the internet.

i browsed more forums, reading all about tweaking the access points, which helped some people with the 6101, but did not help me, nor how could it, think about it, the applications permissions are unchangeable, how would adding an access point, overcome the issue with the java midlet not even being able to open the http connection, before, or as you attempt to open the connection using code, the user is prompted to allow disallow access, but this, and the cr$ppy samsung, dont even prompt the user, they just automatically throw a security exception (yes the network code is on a different thread, even experimented with same thread, just in case, to no avail) so none of the access point settings helped. if anyone reads this, that has a nokia 6101 that was originally branded as TMobile and has a midlet where the "app. access" is not greyed out, i would love to hear it, as well as how it was accomplished.

back to the signing, when i signed my app, and manually copied to device, i.e. no OTA, when attempting to run, i get certificate not valid error. I tried signing with no permissions, with permissions as optional, with permissions as both optional and required, to no avail.

i tried an unsigned version, with no permissions, as well as with the http permission as required, hoping this might enable the "app. access" but did not work.

so does anyone know, how to sign an midlet to be installed on a tmobile branded device, has anyone ever succeded? if yes, did you manually install the CA certificates, or were they already installed?

Is it true to assume that no midlet can be signed for tmobile, unless it is JavaVerified signed? If this is true, then what the heck, as the 6101 is one of the lead devices to be tested on, for JavaVerified signing, how can you build you application correctly, so it will run bug free on 6101, if you cant even test on it.

Anyone out there with 6101 devices please post your results to this little questionaire.

1. Carrier: XXX
2. DataPlan: XXX
3. Geo. Location: XXX
4. Model: 6101
5. Firmware: i.e. get it by entering *#0000#, please state date, version, and RM if any
6. Do Midlets you installed, acces the internet, with no error? yes/No
7. Do Midlets you installed, under options, have the "app. access" greyed out. Yes/No
8. When running one of these MIDlets, are you prompted to allow the Midlet to access the internet? Yes/No

Does anyone know any magic codes, to enable the java midlet access to internet, or jad attributes, etc.

I have also read, that just being javaverified, may not help, as some manufacturers and carriers, give and or take away various permissions at their will. It would seriously suck to get javaverified, just to find out that it still does not give the app acces to the internet.

Any help, information, comments, feedback, results to questions, would be greatly appreciated.

PS: If anyone has a javaverified signed app that makes httpconnections, i would love to download, and test it on 6101, to see what the outcome is, to see if java verified really works on this device. also if others have run into the same issue, with tmobile and their app working on some devices, but not on other tmobile nokia devices, or a signed app working on some devices, but not other tmobile devices, please list them