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    Symbian Error Docs

    Although we can get documents from the Symbian website about the Symbian error codes and a simple explanation on how to read their errors... on Nokia phones, sometimes all I get is a cryptic MontyThread -9 error. It would be nice to have a more comprehensive explanation.

    I managed to find an explanation as to what the # means, apparently it's the thread identifier (or so I read on the Symbian docs), but afaik, some phones (i can't remember any offhand) just leave it at that without any additional reporting as to why the error occured.

    So I'm not sure whether to put this under Platform or Documentation feedback. I guess both, though some Nokia Documentation about the issue would be nice during the "waiting period".

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    Re: Symbian Error Docs

    Is this the one you were referring to (as the Symbian paper you read it from)?
    "What Java™ developers need to know about MIDP on Symbian OS" - http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...ToKnow_1.0.pdf
    E.g. Concerning the error MontyThread -9, it says the following “This panic is raised when an unhandled exception occurs. Exceptions have many causes, but the most common are access violations caused, for example, by dereferencing a NULL pointer. Among other possible causes are: general protection faults, executing an invalid instruction, alignment checks, etc.”
    I asked around a bit, and unfortunately there is really no clearer information what would cause that specific error, i.e. the answers were rather like "Sometimes, for some reason, MIDlet will crash and that error coming from Symbian side is shown on the screen."
    My futher question to you, using this specific error as example, is that, what would have been your expectation on the implementation. Would it have been enough, if there had been a note, that this error is result of a MIDlet to crash, or were you expecting to find out why the midlet crashed? If the latter, that is propably very hard to implement, nor seem there be any more exact information for documentation available.

    Other useful sources include:
    "Symbian OS Error Codes" -

    "Symbian OS Error Codes" -

    Jarkko / FN

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