Hi all,
I want to display a form consisting of some controls on click of listbox item..i want that when the user click the listbox item , a form should appear to the user..for this i hv defines the form dilog in resource file..but when i calling the ExecuteLD(MY_DIALOG)..the application throws an error..plz help

i m doing like this..

TKeyResponse CBookstoreListboxView::OfferKeyEventL(const TKeyEvent& aKeyEvent,
TEventCode aType)
if( aType == EEventKey )
if( aKeyEvent.iCode == EKeyOK )
CTestShowForm* iForm = CTestShowForm::NewL();
return EKeyWasConsumed;

return iListBox->OfferKeyEventL( aKeyEvent, aType );

during debugging it throws error at iForm->ExecuteLD statement

kapil kaushik