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    [moved] Nokia RFID Shell

    I have Nokia 5140 (and RFID Shell on it). Do I really have to buy Server Lisence before I can start developing my software with J2ME. I don't even need to use the server or the RFID Shell. I just want to use the phone pins which are connected to the RFID Shell.

    I have also tried to use Pop-Port to control my own hardware but it seems like there is no way to do it...?

    Does anyone know some way to control own hardware with J2ME program?? I just need to send some kind of signal to my hardware. I've been struggling with this a very long time. Please, help me!!

    - Sami

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    Re: Nokia RFID Shell


    I wish i can help, but actually i am looking for it!

    How can i buy and from where, the RFID kit for 5140?

    Thanx in advance

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    Is there any reason going for such an old device like the Nokia 5410? No help, but I recommend to proceed with a newer one …

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