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Junior/Senior Software Engineer – Mobile technology development (3 positions)

About tenCube

We are a fast growing startup focused on next-generation mobile
technology looking for the smartest people to join our team.

What will you do?

You will be responsible for creating an awesome product that will make
a meaningful impact on people's lives. You will be involved in some
combination of design, development, testing, documenting and
supporting according to your unique skill-set and preferences.

You are expected to be resourceful, driven, self-motivated, and
determined to succeed. You are also expected to take initiative, to
seek new challenges and to be willing to work DAMN hard.

In your role, you will have the freedom to innovate; you will be
encouraged to explore new ideas, and will work with a peer group of
technopreneurs as exceptional as you.

If you are looking for an intense experience that will define the rest
of your career, tenCube is the place for you.


Passion for technology, exceptional programming skills
Fluency in (C++/Symbian)
Good written and spoken English communications skills
We don't care about your educational qualifications, though don't
apply if you haven't done anything beyond your coursework

Why work with us?

Because you will learn more in 1 year here then you would in 5 years
at a corporate job;

Because it will be a tremendous growth experience and a lot of fun;

Because the potential reward is great;

And because you will create something that will make a difference.