(This relates to 9300's/9500's mainly, but applies to 9210's as well.)

Unfortunately the app icon I specify in my mbm file (which goes into the aif file) never shows up on the status pane when my applications runs, all you can see is the default boring icon. However, it *does* show up on the desktop.

It makes no difference whether I specify "PproApp-Icon" in my manifest or not. This seems to be completely ignored by the system.

BUT, when I launch the jar file directly (using the file manager), the systems creates a directory below systems/apps (which is named after some uid) and the relevant app and aif files. In this case the icon I specified in "PproApp-Icon" is used on the desktop AND on the status pane during execution time.

I'm quite sure this depends on the aif file, but I have no idea how I can generate a correct one by myself. Do you have some hints for me? I can't see the jigsaw piece anymore... ;-)

Thank you very much,