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Thread: Help with USSD

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    Question Help with USSD

    Hi, I'm trying to develop a USSD application from scratch but I'm not sure where to start. I have read the GSM specifications 02.90 and 03.90, I've searched for examples and I have found nothing usefull. I would like to know if there's a manual or something that can make the process easier. Can you program in any language, can it be with .net, or J2ME or can it only be done in Symbian C++? Is the software specific for a certain phone or is it the same for all? What else do I need? What do I have to give to the operator to make the application available? Is there an emulator I can use? Code samples maybe?

    Please help, thank you in advance. Paola.

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    Re: Help with USSD

    Definitely not in J2ME unless you have a manufacturers or Carriers certificate. If J2ME can, it makes use of the SATK, if you search online you'll find it. Nokia has uncoumented API's, at least in series 60. Look at the SAT API's.
    Jason Glass

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