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    import MMP problems in Carbide C++

    On my WinXP PC I get the following error when trying to import an MMP into Carbide.c++
    "Error detected on token Usage:"

    Two friends have tried on their computers (also WinXP) and it works perfectly with the same MMP file (from a project done originally in CW).

    What is wrong with my machine and how can I solve this? Any ideas, please?

    Thank you

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    Smile Solution at last

    I posted this in another thread as well...

    There shouldnt be any spaces in your file location for e.g

    if the location is C:\watever\watever\again watever\*.mmp

    then this will not work as there is a space "again watever"

    instead if there are no spaces (just copy the whole folder of your project on the local drive) then the importer successfully works.

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