Dear friends

I am using series 60 sdk fp2 with MSVC++ 6.0

I am writing a application where I am creating and deleting a folder.

I am able to sucessfully create a folder but when i am not able to delete it.

I tried using both RFs fsSession and CFileMan *fileMan

when i used the RFs fsSession to delete a folder it returns me sucess but the folder not deleted(I Made sure that folder was empty).

when i use CFileMan *fileMan it returns me the error code saying Acccess Denied but deletes the inside contents of the file.

Here is the code i used for both types

For CFileMan *fileMan

CFileMan *fileMan

eRet1 = fileMan->RmDir(*poDirPathBuf) ;

For RFs fsSession

RFs fsSession ;

User::LeaveIfError(fsSession.Connect()); // connect session
TRAP (err, fsSession.RmDir(*pbDeleteFolder)) ;
if(KErrNone != err)
User::Leave (err);

Can I know what is the problem?

Thanks in advance

Vinayaka Karjigi