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    Hi, ALL!!!

    Tell me plz somebody may i use CActive object to control state of variable, with no blocking work of main thread???

    - if not, what i need to use???
    - if yes, then why my code not working properly???

    here some example code:

    class CMyMMFDataPath: public CMMFDataPath

    CMMFDataPath derived from CActive, and it's already has CActiveScheduler object

    CMMFDataPath(TMediaId aMediaId, MAsyncEventHandler& aEventHandler)
    : CActive(EPriorityStandard), MDataSink(KUidMmfDataPath), MDataSource(KUidMmfDataPath), iEventHandler(aEventHandler), iMediaId(aMediaId), iState(EStopped)

    void CMyMMFDataPath::PlayL()
    (reinterpret_cast<CActiveScheduler *>(this))->Start();

    void CMyMMFDataPath::Activate()
    PrintStr("Activating active object");
    TRequestStatus* status = &iStatus;
    User::RequestComplete(status, KErrNone);

    void CMyMMFDataPath::RunL()
    PrintStr("RunL started");
    if (iStatus == KErrNone)
    //if (iDataPathState)
    PrintNum("state of datapath: %B", iDataPathState);
    iDataPathState = EFalse;


    void CMyMMFDataPath:oCancel()


    Wbr, Yuri

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    Re: CActive

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish (please explain).

    Some issues with your code:
    (reinterpret_cast<CActiveScheduler *>(this))->Start();
    CActive is not a CActiveScheduler so this cast does not do what you think. And I think you don't want to call CActiveScheduler::Start() anyway - active scheduler is already running if you're running inside the application framework. If not, even then an active object's setup function is not the right place to start it.

    In RunL() you call SetActive() without setting up an asynchronous request.


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