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    Question Handling ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Nokia S60 and S80 Series

    Hi guys,

    we hava created a record set, using RMS, for our midlet, its working fine in the Nokia S40 series, but when running it on the Nokia S60 and S80 series, its showing an error ArrayIndexOutOfBoundExceptino(1>=1 ) during accessing the data...

    Can any one please help us........... thank you

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    Re: Handling ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Nokia S60 and S80 Series

    This is just an initial guess.... but probably means you are trying to access data that is not yet there.

    How are you referring to the records? Are you using an Enumerator? Did you close the recordStore after writing the records into it? Sometimes, you may need to close it after writing data, and reopen it to access the data. Phones are sometimes buggy in that sense.

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