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    TInt64 / long long int problem

    I've read most posts in this issue but cannot get the big picture..

    Apparently there is no "native support" for 64bit in Symbian OS < 8.0, and the TInt64 class was introduced..

    I was not aware of this "problem" because the code has been running on OS 6.1 in the test lab for months, but when trying out this new Carbide.VS there is a linkage problem in debug mode with the "long long int" and shl, shr, mul.. Not a word of complaint when building for ARMI thought... or when building winscw or armi under CodeWarrior!

    So.. why is it at all working on OS 6.1, which has no "native support".. And why can CodeWarrior build it for the emulator but not Carbide.VS.

    I am reluctant to make major changes for a specific OS version if it turns out to be a IDE problem.

    I cannot use the signed TInt64. The options I have is to stick with unsigned long long int, which seem to work on Nokia 7650 but maybe not in other OS 6.1 phones..? - Or to make a new class and call it TUint64.

    What should I do? It feels stupid to do something that, according to the book, shouldn't work.. but then.. the compiler doesn't complain about it in ARMI builds - So why change?!

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