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    MMS Content Type


    When I send an MMS message with my 7650, I receive the following content-type headers (in hex format):

    84 = Content-Type
    1F = ?
    21 = Length (0x21 bytes)
    B3 = application/vnd.wap.multipart.related
    313633373636373134303E00 = <1637667140>
    896170706C69636174696F6E2F736D696C00 = application/smil

    When I use a T68i, the second byte (1F) is never there. The second byte is always the Length. What does this second byte mean, and how do I know that its there so I can properly decode the MMS message? I couldn't find anything in the docs of the WAPForum.




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    RE: MMS Content Type

    See in the WSP spec.

    If value-length > 30, then you have to use Length-Quote (0x1F) followed by the actual length encoded as uintvar.

    It has to do with some general parsing rules for headers.

    - Brett Warthen

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