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    Problems making calls on my N90

    I am having a problem with my Nokia N90. I can't seem to make an outgoing call to anyone. When I call I get what sounds like an engaged tone and on the screen it says 'disconnecting. I am on the Virgin network it that has anything to do with it. I can't work out what the problem is. Everything else on the phone seems to be working. I would appreaciate any advice anyone would be willing to give.


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    Re: Problems making calls on my N90

    Hi watcher130! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    Please make sure that you are in the network. Give a try with manually selecting the network. Have you tried another SIM card in your N90? Is the Virgin network only causing the problem? Also give a try with switch off the phone, remove the SIM , reinsert the SIM again and switch on the mobile. Please come back with your results.


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    Re: Problems making calls on my N90

    Does Virgin Mobile support GSM? I thought they are CDMA operator (correct me if I am wrong).
    For your information, N90 is a GSM phone (not CDMA phone).


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