We try to send:
- SMIL contains text files
- some of the texts include special characters (ä, ö, ü etc.)

- Nokia 6230i SDK
- Nokia 6230i real handset
- Nokia 6270 SDK

The text objects in the smil presentation which contain special characters are not displayed on 6230i SDK + handset. Instead, there is an error: "object format not supported". Nokia 6270 SDK even crashes when opening the message. Behaviour is the same, no matter if the text files containing special characters are saved as UTF-8 or as Windows/ISO.

Additional information:
Other SDKs (3300, 5100, 6230) and the real Nokia 6230 handset display the same messages without problems. Besides this, when a MMS containing special characters is created on the 6230i handset, it can be forwarded without problems.

Is there something special about the encoding of text files that must be taken into account to be able to display special characters on N6230i and N6270?

Any help or hint is highly appreciated!