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    Question Nokia 6280 Synchronization Error

    I am experiencing a problem with the Nokia PC Suite 6.6.18 with Nokia 6280 3G Handset.

    The problem is trying to sync between MS Outlook and the device. It always sync all events in the calendar one hour ahead.

    I have checked all the time/date setting and sync setting too. But haven’t been able to identify what it is about. Hutch (aka Three) in Australia who provided me the handset doesn’t have any record of such a defect reported before.

    Anyone can help with this situation?


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    Re: Nokia 6280 Synchronization Error

    I've got the same problem but i'm out by 30 minutes. I've tried upgrading PC sync and setting my phone time ahead of my pc's time, to no avail.

    Can someone help me?

    [EDIT] I Should add that when I add meetings to outlook they appear correctly in the phone, but when i add meetings to the phone they appear 30 minutes late in outlook.[/EDIT]
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