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    6680: Connect to PC problem

    Hi All,

    Suddenly, I can not connect my phone to pc using usb cable. When I plug the cable into my phone, it still recognizes it and the usb's icon appear on the screen. However, it said "No Phone Connected" in the PC suite.

    Does anyone experience this problem ? Could you please tell me how to fix this ?

    My firmware: V 4.04.07
    PC Suite version: 6.7

    Thank you very much

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    Re: 6680: Connect to PC problem

    Me too, sometimes got error "Unknown phone type", Nokia 6630 Latest ver. of PC Suite.
    Try to:
    -Restart phone or PC or both of them.
    -Try to pairing again. Delet pairing device on phone (BT)
    -Reinstall PC suite OR Reinstall windows or both of them.
    Ruli Rahmadi

    Forum Nokia

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