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    How to place flash-made icons in S60 Theme Studio?

    Well, I don't exactly wanted to place FLASH, only vectorial icons that I created in Macromedia/Adobe flash 8.0


    I am trying to make a theme with new vectorial icons but he accepts only a few vectorial extensions and I can't seem to be able to convert the icons I made in flash, with all those alpha channels, transparencies and gradients to normal standard vectorial.

    I already tried to convert them with freehand, SVG factory, inkspace, ilustrator, photoshop, paintshop pro X... nothing.
    When converted I get the icons in vectorial FLAT, with white colors instead of transparencies and no fill in the gradients, or they make them bitmap.. but the converted quality is howfull when compared with the icons I made...

    I already tryed to export bitmap versions of the icons and then re-vectoryze them, but it gets too heavy to work with...

    Can anyone resolve this problem?
    Thank you.
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