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    SISX example app

    Hi all,
    I'm trying som application management on a E61 but I can't find any SISX example apps. Anybody knows where to find some??


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    Re: SISX example app

    I guess you want to install some packages to the device, no matter what they are?

    Trying to find .sis packages for 3rd edition devices is not easy at the moment. There are some 3rd Ed example apps available on FN website such as
    S60 Platform: POP/IMAP Example
    but none of those currently include ready-made .sis files for 3rd ed. You'll have to compile them yourself, request a devCert from Symbian and then do the signing. Or change the UID first and self-sign the application, but

    In order to be able to self-sign a .sis package, the application UID needs to be in the unprotected UID range. See the following item in Technical Library for more info:

    We used to always include ready made .sis packages together with the example apps source code, but we left those out because now those would have needed to be signed first.
    Good news is that we have in fact already decided that we will again start compiling and then to self-sign the coming example apps for 3rd ed devices. So that it would be again possible to easily deploy the example apps (ready-made .sis files) into the devices for testing and demo purposes.

    Jarkko / FN

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